Proverbial chocolate and caricatures

Proverbial chocolate and caricatures

Funny story with this one! When I got to the school there were some SUPER SPUNKY HAPPY kids playing poker and offering some of the other kids hot chocolate. I assumed they were the poker club or something. They were very loud and silly. Singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of their lungs and stuff… and of course they wanted to get caricatures IMMEDIATELY(!!) So when I had finished setting up, several of them wanted to get drawn together. Turns out NONE of them went to school there. They were professional student missionaries there to spread the Jesus lovin’ around. They took off shortly after I started working.

So a little bit later these girls sat down. They had chocolate boxes with bible verses on them. Thinking it was a bit odd, I asked where they got them. They told me that somebody in a gorilla costume was handing them out. (!!) WHAT? Lol!!! We all agreed it was kinda strange but the more I thought about it the weirder it sounded. … So let me get this straight… Somebody (probably NOT a student) is going around campus dressed as a gorilla, silently going up to pretty girls and handing them boxes of chocolate (?- assuming it is edible and razor blade free chocolate at that) with bible verses written on the boxes in sharpie marker. Isn’t that just creepy as all hell?

This is the kinda thing that happens often to me folks! lol!

(copyright, Adam Pate, 2013)


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