Been a while!

image image image image image image image imageThings are going well for Something Fun and Different. I’ve reached out to and have begun working with 2 other people who are able to meet the demands of Speed Sketching- even if they’re not comfortable enough to sketch in bars for tips. Been working with a silhouette artist as well who is also a caricature artist among many other talents. I’ve sketched with a band of circusy vaudeville theater people also which was fun. I got to debut the Sketch Monkey act at that event! (Dressed in a gorilla suit with a coller, tie and a derby hat). I’ve also started drawing in night clubs, bars and restaurants on a semi regular basis and it’s been fun. There is a promotional company that has started to hire me to sketch at bars for their promotions, which of course has been going very well indeed.

Right now I am traveling a lot and haven’t had much time to sleep because my schedule is so hectic, but I have had a chance to take a few live photos and videos.  I’m going to  attach them here. These were all done in the past week, at live events and they all too around a minute per person.


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