Cleveland, Ohio caricature artist Adam Pate is the fastest caricature artist in the world. This blog was started to compile entertaining and educational information for a future book or two… All material copyrighted by Adam Pate, 2013.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Adam your work is cool I also caricature what do you use for quick color I tried markers but they do not color the face fast enough when Im at live events.Need your help Ehanks.Rob slatus.

    • Thanks Rob. I don’t use color very often. My specialty is speed. If I do use color in a festival or small party situation, I use color sticks. Never been happy with coloring hand drawn work myself. I would tell people to color their own after making copies, and I leave the spaces open to color and try to draw background subjects that would be fun to color. B/w faces are boring to color IMO.

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