Kamal Dollah talking about his experiences busking

Check out my good friend Kamal’s little video about busking. Pretty cool. He is from Singapore and has taught a variety of artistic talents to his community and has a caricature business of his own. He is a classically trained batik master and his wife is a dancer in the opera. Very cool people!! I met him at an International Society of Caricature Artists Convention several years ago. If you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out. Go to for more information. If you are interested in the art of caricature- YOU MUST GO CHECK IT OUT! 😉


Holiday greeting card special!

Ooooo….. some exciting stuff in the works for December. Been very very busy. I’m a man with a PLAN!

In the meanwhile, once again I am offering greeting card/gift caricatures for a special rate for the holidays. $50 gets you a full color digital drawing of 2 people, head and shoulders, a simple background and a holiday message. Extra people, bits and backgrounds are $25 each. Hit me up if you want one! Here’s ours from a few years ago.

This year you can also get a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT with your custom artwork on it as well!!

4×4 ornaments made from sandblasted crystal! (other sizes and objects available as well, including wine glasses, bottles, etc… just call and ask!)


sandblasted caricature on crystal

sandblasted caricature on crystal