Interesting NY Times article interviewing one of the Chinese caricature ‘bosses’ in Times Square.

Times Square Artists

My thoughts: Retail caricatures may be free speech but should not be exempt from vendor licensing or paying local sales taxes. Let alone by undocumented immigrants. Reading between the lines of this article, seeing them first hand and knowing how things work for NYC artists who have tried to set up in Times Square, I can tell you – something fishy is going on…

If you try to set up and are NOT Chinese the cops will actually chase you away. The artwork in their displays are snagged from the internet and are done by caricature illustrator friends of mine who are fellow ISCA members (yes, we have a large group and it’s fun sometimes when the someone from our group snaps a photo of their signs and we all know who’s work is on the sign. One of the artists even cheekily confronted one of the Chinese artists when they saw their own illustration on a sign. …no speaka engrish! Lol)

I hear about these artists almost everywhere I’ve been. They sell a caricature for $5-$10 or more, (some good some bad. Honestly some do good work) but then a lady comes over and tries to sell you a matte, plastic sleeve or frame for $20 or something. She’s pretty aggressive! Again, I have seen her in action.

My advise if you are in NYC and want to get some artwork done? Go to Central Park and get one from one of the artists there. They are as good or better artists than the Chinese artists, probably American, probably from NYC and you will probably have a much better experience. I know some of those artists and if they have signs depicting caricatures, they use their own work. They probably have a sketchbook, some business cards, a website and some fine art they can show you as well, and they might even be able to draw your guests at your nieces birthday party!



Kamal Dollah talking about his experiences busking

Check out my good friend Kamal’s little video about busking. Pretty cool. He is from Singapore and has taught a variety of artistic talents to his community and has a caricature business of his own. He is a classically trained batik master and his wife is a dancer in the opera. Very cool people!! I met him at an International Society of Caricature Artists Convention several years ago. If you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out. Go to for more information. If you are interested in the art of caricature- YOU MUST GO CHECK IT OUT! 😉


So…. yes. The table legs are made of Gorilla Ladders, the table is who knows what, and that table top thing -on top of the table is moving really fast and that thing in his mouth is spinning and the things in his hands are being juggled….. ON FIRE!!!! -Buh. uh. uh sking!!!! MR. PETER IRISH FOLKS.


Um, how about- NO.

“I am looking for you, a staving artist who realizes that there may be a big opportunity doing caricatures but doesn’t know anybody foolish enough to give you, a virtual unknown, a chance to prove that you have the talent. This is your big chance. I will supply the pencils, chalk, paper, easel etc. You spend some time searching the internet for drawing styles and try practicing a little. Then you show up at a dinner party at my house for a few hours and draw some of the guests. Word gets around and the next thing you know, you are doing parties all over town. Very cool.”

Some lucky future caricaturist just had his day made, ROTFLMAO! FAIL!!